We believe in the power of Sharing to change and save lives. We help you navigate these changing and complex times. By opening up access to shared resources for yourself, your organisation or your community, we work to ease the economic, social and environmental challenges that are shaking up our world and spearhead the shift towards what’s known as the Sharing Economy. We believe, by building a fairer, caring, Sharing Economy, people and planet can thrive. 

There’s more than enough to go around, we all just need to see that. The People Who Share is here to help make ends meet, connect people, realise their potential and let nothing go to waste. Whether that be time, attention, love, food, shelter or even just some company. 

We help unleash everyone’s sharing potential by:

WE PROMOTE: we run campaigns, our flagship is Global Sharing Week, the world’s largest mass engagement campaign helping millions discover how they can access the Sharing Economy to find the things they need to make their everyday lives better. 

WE EDUCATE: we publish reports, research, insights and our latest project, Generation Share, a sustainably produced coffee-table book with the largest collection of stories of the change-makers building the Sharing Economy, demonstrates the power of Sharing to save lives. We proactively help businesses to embrace the possibility of sharing. 

WE ORGANISE: we run quarterly Sharing Economy Network meetups, community events, skills exchanges, clothes swaps, food shares, innovation and inspiration days.

WE SHARE: We curate the Share Guide, the largest collection of shared resources, run Share Tables at our events, collecting goods, clothes, food and other items for those who need them most.

We help:

PEOPLE: We promote good citizenship and throw open the sharing economy to the general public, making it inclusive by helping people find the shared goods and services they need for their every day lives. We promote volunteering and education, enabling the sharing of skills and knowledge.

ORGANISATIONS: We enable and support organisations of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the sharing of human and physical resources. We support councils, municipalities and community-led organisations grow their local economy and infrastructure through the creation of policies that benefit people and planet. 

PLANET: We protect and promote caring for our planet; we help to eliminate waste by promoting the shared use, reuse, upcycling, diverting resources from landfill, building a circular, efficient economy and the widespread adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Story

The People Who Share began in 2010, when Chief Sharer, speaker and change-maker Benita Matofska realized that what was wrong with the world was a shortage of sharing. Determined to fix that, she set about launching a campaign to unleash everyone’s sharing potential and on January 17th, 2011, The People Who Share was born. The first event was Crowdshare in May 2011, bringing together hundreds of people in Benita’s hometown of Brighton and Hove to share food, clothes, goods and to connect with others in their community. National Sharing Day soon followed which blossomed into Global Sharing Week the largest annual mass engagement campaign on the Sharing Economy. The Global Sharing Economy Network was launched in 2012 and the Share Guide  was compiled, a free resource offering the most extensive directory of Sharing services worldwide. Back then, it was the early days of the Sharing Economy and Benita engaged likeminded partner organisations and volunteers to build The People Who Share network and lay the foundations for what has now become a global movement, helping to unleash the sharing potential of people worldwide.  

Our Vision

Our vision of the future is a thriving, sustainable and fair Sharing Economy, where our collective capability meets our collective needs and we collaborate to enhance each other's lives, protect our planet and create wealth from which everybody benefits. 

Our mission is to impact the lives of 100 million people worldwide. 

Our Values

CHANGE-MAKERS: We inspire the change that’s needed for our future sustainability. We know that the future economy will be built around the sharing of human and physical resources, we champion the change-makers that are building a fair, caring, Sharing Economy and we work to make shared resources available to everyone.

SOCIAL: We put people and planet at the heart of everything we do, creating positive social impact. Through inclusivity and opening up access to shared resources for all, we help transform lives and tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges of our time.

THRIVE: We believe that by building a fairer, caring, Sharing Economy, people and planet can revive and thrive. 

The People Behind the share

The People Who Share is a charity with a vision to unleash everyone’s sharing potential. Founded in 2011 in Brighton, UK by Chief Sharer, speaker and Sharing Economy global expert Benita Matofska

Clare Kandola is a partner and fellow director of The People Who Share, a commentator and advisor on the Sharing Economy, supporting organisations to thrive. 

Our A-Team consists of a lineup of sharing champions…

Mary Valiakas (Bristol and Greece): Communications and social media whizz 

Susan Kabani: Events specialist who runs the Global Sharing Economy Network Meetup group (London)

Samiha Mahub (London): Partnerships, community and Global Sharing Week lead (London). 

Our board of trustees includes:

Jane Robbie, Roxanne Persaud and Clare Kandola