You're the reason why we've been able to help unleash the sharing potential that we know exists in all of us. We know that with your support we can help more people who need to access shared resources, protect the planet and promote good citizenship. Donate today and help us finish what we started. 

Where the Money Goes

Since we started years ago, we have raised funding for the movement to educate and raise awareness about the social impact of the Sharing Economy, we’ve reached millions via our campaigns like Global Sharing Week, we’ve opened up access to shared resources via our Share Guide and we’ve supported those most in need via our Share Tables, running food drives, collecting clothing and inspiring more people to share their time and volunteer. Our community events have helped to bring people together, to connect and get to know each other, building stronger, happier, sustainable communities, a united network of citizens, brought together to share. With the help of our partners, and events every penny you donate goes towards helping unleash everyone’s potential to share and help change and save lives. 

More Ways To Give

We are here to unleash everyone’s sharing potential, to build a global community of sharers and help transform lives and our planet. Whether it is by sharing your time, skills, food or shelter, we all can play a part and help make this happen.